24 folding magnets

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Large blanket model.11

1 Park & Picnic Blanket

🧲 Patented folding system
for accurate folding with the help of the polarity of the 24 sewn-in magnets

Edge protection
All-round piping in orange
All-round contrasting piping

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in the top right corner linked to
Video folding instructions

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Dimensions 120 cm x 210 cm
Pack size 35 cm x 30 cm
Washable up to 30° C

Upper fabric:
www.sunbrella.com 275 g/sqm
Finishing Water & dirt repellent
ISO 13934-1 Tear strength warp 180, weft 100 da/5cm
ISO 12945-2 Pilling 4/5 Class5
ISO 105 B04 Weather resistance 4/5 Class/5
ISO 105 B02 Highest UV resistance 8 Class/8
ISO 14419 Oil repellency 5 Class/8
ISO 105 X12 Rub fastness dry & wet 5 Class/5
ISO 105 C06 Colour fastness to washing 5 Class/5
NF EN 1021-1 Fire class No ignition.

Canvas, 100 g/sqm
Impregnation fluorocarbon

5 years

🇩🇪 Made in Hamburg, Germany
Weight suba.centralpark.11 = 1.510 g

A relationship begins with a decision - a picnic with a blanket

The search for a stunning picnic blanket is like falling in love. Sometimes it takes a while for the right one to appear.

Happy and carefree summers with a cool blanket you don't have to look for anymore:
Uncompromisingly for the best park and picnic blanket you decide with the suba.squarepark, a decision for luxurious moments under the open sky,
for the rest of your life.

Silky shimmering yarn, sensational looking, velvety-soft to the touch, yet undemanding, practically indestructible and easy to get back into shape after use.

A hit in every meadow.

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suba.centralpark Closeup-Foto vom Stoff

Upper fabric - Sunbrella

We don't want to bore you with technical data.

To make a long story short:
There is no other park or picnic blanket in the world that uses high-end quality like we do!

If you want to know exactly:

Our fabrics are used by yacht outfitters for high quality deck chairs, tarpaulins & sun sails. The fabric can withstand the highest stresses of sun, heat, wind, salt water, abrasion and mechanical loads for many years.

A suba.blanket is made to last forever.

Go ahead and tip it over!

Spilling red wine at a picnic?

Don't worry, just keep on tipping - as long as you only pour it over a SUBA blanket.
Just dab it off!

It's better not to do this with another blanket.

Orange on the bottom? - Really! Yes, orange!

Whenever it should or can go on the floor.
The underside is made of orange canvas of 100g/sqm quality.

Fluorocarbon impregnated!

Classic impregnations (e.g. paraffins, waxes, silicones) keep water out,
Fluorocarbon impregnations
oil and chemicals.
In order to meet the required standards for protective clothing, they are used in fire brigade uniforms, chemical protective clothing and surgical textiles.

Detailfoto der Kante einer Picknickdecke mit Keder

Fringed blanket - Not with us

Always finished in orange, the all-round piping, also known as bordering or edge trim shows that the blanket is made to last.
To reinforce and stabilise the edges, it protects the blanket from fraying.

A discreet decorative stripe in contrast to the colour of the blanket underlines the sewing technique.

Every great day comes to an end!

Look forward to it!

While others are somehow gathering up their blankets, you are folding one suba.blanket,
as if it had just come off the shelf.

Magnets sewn into the blanket help it snap together quickly and, above all, neatly. At the end, the following are smoothly aligned
top fabric on top fabric
bottom fabric on top of the bottom fabric.

This is ensured by a worldwide unique and patent-protected polarity scheme of the sewn-in magnets developed by us.

I want to know for sure



Brush off loose dirt.
Spray with a mild water-soap solution.
Brush with a soft bristle brush.
Allow the soap solution to soak into the fabric.
Thoroughly rinse out all soap residue.
Allow to air dry.



We pay special attention to sustainability, our own and that of our suppliers.
We repair when something breaks,
You can reorder parts if they are lost.

Upper fabrics
Circumferential piping

A color for every taste

Suba Picnic-Makers SUBA.CENTRALPARK.11


Suba Picnic-Makers SUBA.CENTRALPARK.11


Stoff im Sonnenlicht seidig schimmernd, mit textiler weicher Haptik.

Suba Picnic-Makers SUBA.CENTRALPARK.11


Suba Picnic-Makers SUBA.CENTRALPARK.11


Der Stoff im Sonnenlicht seidig schimmernd, mit sensationell weicher Haptik.

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