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One order for up to 80 items for $99,-

A very special sign of appreciation

It's an ever returning challenge for every caring company owner: How do I honor my customers and team for a successful business year, what gift could be a wonderful Christmas present, and what could be that special surprise for person celebrating a jubilee?

Show your appreciation for your loyal customer or dedicated employee with a very unique gift!

A gift is worth as much as the care with which it was selected.
Thyde Monnier

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Personalize with customized, fine woven handmade labels

Enhance your picnic piece - personalize it!

Every item in our collection can carry your name, a saying, your company logo or your marketing message. We can realize your idea because we offer customized, handmade woven labels.
Your individualized label makes the picnic item of your choice an unforgettable, ever lasting gift.

Even with our labels we don't compromise in quality. Our tags provide longevity and keep their colors, shape and readability through every wash.

How to:
Find your picnic makers piece of choice with a black label.
Choose a text up to 26 characters. The text will be in center, the font color always white on our orange signature label.

About the manufacturing of your handwoven label

We clamp a small piece of fabric in a hand loom. Depending on height, width and seam allowance, we produce a number of labels at the same time.
We always fabricate 80 flag labels, no matter how many labels you ordered. You will receive the total 80 pieces with your order. We'll be happy to sew your labels on your picnic items ordered in the future.

Hochwertige Kundengeschenke von SUBA - personalisiert mit Firmenname

Your personalization

We are looking forward to your creation! customer@picnic-makers.com

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