$ 99 for 1 glass and 1 container

suba.glass.container.set - Glas- & Behälterset


  • 1 container, made from highly break-proof polycarbonate
  • Wall thickness 0.12" (3 mm)
  • outer/inner diameter 3,5"/3,3" (90 mm/84 mm)
  • Height 8,9" (22,5 cm)
  • 1 glas, collection Exquisit from www.stoelzle-lausitz.com
  • woven strap in safety belt finish
  • 1 hook from AlMgSi 0,5
  • Hook with soft touch polish


  • weight 15 oz (420 g), including glass
  • 3,7" (9,5 cm) diameter, 9" (23,5 cm) high
  • Made in Hamburg, Germany

Cheers to a perfect picnic experience!

A luxurious picnic should not mean drinking out of plastic cups! A noble drink belongs in a noble glass. No problem with our unbreakable suba.glasscontainer.set, which comes with an elegant glass from the traditional maker Stölzle-Lausitz. Every wine is a delight with this glass from the collection „Exquisite“.
Cheers to life, and cheers to love - or simply to one perfect picnic!

Suba Picnic-Makers suba.glass.container

Abwaschbares Schaumstoffpolster im Deckel

Suba Picnic-Makers suba.glass.container

One glass in an attractive container

softly and carefully held in place by a padded lid, that is our suba.glass.containers set.

The container consists of lightweight, highly break-proof polycarbonate with a wall thickness of 0,12" (3 mm).
Any glass with dimensions up to 3,3" (84 mm) diameter and a height of 8,9" (22,5 cm) will fit!

Mit Gläsern aus dem Haus Stölzle-Lausitz

sind die Behälter bestückt.

Für einen großartigen Genuß haben wir für Sie ein sehr schönes und für viele Weine passendes Glas aus der Kollektion "Exquisit" ausgewählt.

Suba Picnic-Makers suba.glass.container

Wähle dir Deine Farbe

Suba Picnic-Makers suba.glass.container


Suba Picnic-Makers suba.glass.container


Stoelzle Lausitz-Exquisit-Champagnerkelch-Sektglas-Allrounder

Champagnerglas Exquisit

Stoelzle Lausitz-Exquisit-Weißweinkelch-Weinglas-Allrounder

Weinglas Exquisit

Suba Picnic-Makers suba.glass.container



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