your urban park-equipment

Luxurious moments under the open sky - that's Suba!

A great sunny day reminds us of happy and carefree moments. Special moments when everything feels beautiful and right.

For these occasions, out in the fresh air, you'll find the most elegant and sophisticated equipment in the world here!*

Urban-Outdoor Deluxe - SUBA makes it perfect!

we don't know anything better or comparable.

SUBA - is your equipment

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suba - luxurious moments outside, every day & spontaneously

Sensational park & outdoor equipment for fun in the fresh air! Great individual pieces and ingenious combinations that you'll love all the more every time you go outside.

Today relaxed at an after-work picnic,
tomorrow enjoy your lunch break on the meadow,
on the beach with friends at the weekend,
meditating in the sunrise,
to the next open-air in the park,
on the water with your boat
or if you want to go into the outback with your camper.

Suba is your equipment

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suba.001.bag am Cannondale Hooligan Fahrrad

Every time your bike pulls you into the countryside

or you ride the horse into the countryside,
every day when Cooper wants to go to the park
or the kids want to go to the playground.

Even when you're out at the home office,
for the cherry blossom festival in Japan,
at the White Dinner in Sydney,
in the UK at the Proms in the Park,
on a trip to the zoo,
when there's no more room in the Zanzibar...
or you want to sit on the grass in the halfway.

SUBA - is your equipment

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suba.products Picknickzubehör Picknickkorb Picknickdecke Espressomaschine Outdoor Espresso

Sensational Park & Picnic Equipment

It's your equipment if you want to impress your girlfriend, your boyfriend,
you need a doily on the K2,
you want to be stylish at an open-air poetry slam...
or if you want to go out on the dyke with your scooter.

It's your equipment for the marriage proposal in Paris
and for chilling out in the Caribbean,
for raving in Amsterdam,
for fishing in style at the pond and also,
and also for tailgating.

SUBA - the most elegant and sophisticated equipment in the world!

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An equipment of unique workmanship & quality

There is nothing like it.

The fabrics we use for our blankets and equipment are processed by leading yacht outfitters for their deck chairs, tarpaulins and sun sails. Outstanding fabrics that have a special marine finish.

All materials are carefully selected for quality, sustainability and durability.

We pay special attention to sustainability, our own and that of our suppliers.
We repair when something breaks,
You can reorder parts if they are lost.

SUBA - is your equipment

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