your park- & urban picnic equipment

Luxurious moments under the open sky - this is Suba!

A great sunny day reminds us of happy and carefree moments. Of special moments when everything feels beautiful and right.

For these occasions, out in the fresh air, you will find the most elegant and sophisticated equipment in the world!*
Outdoor Deluxe: SUBA makes it perfect!

*Honestly, we know nothing better or comparable.

SUBA - is your equipment

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suba - your partner in fine, everyday picnic-essentials

Sensational park & outdoor equipment for fun in the fresh air! Great individual pieces and ingenious combinations that you will love even more with every time outside.

Today relaxed at the after-work picnic,
tomorrow enjoying your lunch break on the meadow,
on the weekend with friends at the beach,
meditating in the sunrise,
for your next open-air concept in a park,
while you’re with a the boat on the water
or if you want to spend a nice time with your camper in the outback.

SUBA - is your equipment

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suba.001.bag am Cannondale Hooligan Fahrrad

Every time the bike pulls you into the countryside

or whenever horse riding in the countryside,
daily, when Cooper wants to go to the park
or the kids want to go to the playground.

Even when you are outside “working from home”,
for the cherry blossom festival in Japan,
at the White Dinner in Sydney,
in the UK at the Proms in the Park,
on a trip to the zoo
or if you want to sit in the grass of the halfway.

SUBA - is your equipment

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suba.products Picknickzubehör Picknickkorb Picknickdecke Espressomaschine Outdoor Espresso

Sensationelles Park- & Outdoor-Equipment

Es ist Dein Equipment, wenn Du deine Freundin, deinen Freund beeindrucken willst,
auf dem K2 ein Deckchen brauchst,
Du es beim Open-Air-Poetry-Slam gern stylisch hast
oder falls es mit dem Motorroller raus auf den Deich geht.

Es ist Deine Ausstattung für den Heiratsantrag in Paris
und zum Chillen in der Karibik,
zum Raven in Amsterdam,
fürs stilvolle Angeln am Teich und auch,
um beim Tailgating nachhaltig rüberzukommen.

SUBA - das eleganteste und ausgefeilteste Equipment der Welt!

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Our picnic equipment is unmatched in quality and design - Made in Hamburg, Germany!

We use exclusively Sunbrella fabrics, known worldwide for excellent durability. Marine-grade outdoor fabrics, used for sails and deckchairs by well-known yacht equipment providers.

Craftmanship & Quality

SUBA - ist Dein Equipment

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